Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav is Coming

I was at my grandparents house last week doing "Camp Tolbert." (a camp that they made up when I was 2.) While I was there my grandparents heard about a possibility that Hurricane Gustav would come to New Orleans, since my grandparents live in New Orleans they were naturally scared. For the next couple of days all that was on T.V. was weather. By about 3 hours of it I was bored. Wednesday, we went to the IMAX theater and saw Dolphins and Whales 3-D. We walked down the river and it looked calm. Nobody would suspect that it might flood New Orleans in few days. Thursday a evacuation was ordered for the seminary the my grandfathers campus. We packed all the important things and left Friday afternoon. We went to my aunt and uncle's house and stayed there for the weekend. Now I'm back home in Memphis, not watching weather.

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