Monday, October 20, 2008

Going to a Movie

Yesterday we went to see a movie, Chihuahua. I don't recommend it. Here are some reasons why:
  • It was boring, because there was too much talking, and dogs were talking.
  • There were not enough musical numbers.(only one)
  • The reviewers pushed it too far and made everyone think that it was going to be good.
Those are some reasons that I didn't like the movie. I do want to say that my brother and sister both liked the movie, but the rest of us didn't.


narrowcaster said...

I have to agree that I really didn't like the movie either. I think reviewers over sold it and made me think I was going to like. It was just way too slow.

Caleb said...

yes, it was

Caleb said...

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Jason Tolbert, CPA said...

Caleb, Kathy and Luke went to see it and they said it was "cute" so I think I would probably not like it either.